When Sleep dreams of me

I have waited all night for the sun to come up

Watching the sky turn black to light blue.

Do you remember those times when you would walk home in the early morning?

Complet silence, only your footsteps would resonate in your street.

Looking out for the first car to come but office workers were only waking up.

Birds started to sing alone – a tune which seemed like a Greeting of the Sun.

Your legs were heavy but you still felt light headed.

And when you finally arrived home, you did what we all enjoy the most:

Food, the left overs from diner the night before. Eat it cold, on your own.

No thought come to mind since you are too tired

All you energy is focused on eating – the flavors are powerful

Yes it is only cold chicken and potatoes but they taste brilliant.

Then you go to bed – your bed has never felt so comfortable

You don’t ever need to find a position, simply lie on your back,

Eyes closed and sleep embraces you immediately.

Good Morning. Everybody is waking up.


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