The lost and found

I went for a drink last night. It turned out I had more than one glass… More like plenty.
The next morning I woke up (no headaches) and found a napkin. On it were shaky lines and trembling letters. Besides from the confusing handwriting, it said :

I can’t look up
As if I have been struck.
My mouth is dry.

The world is quiet,
All there is, is the sound of my head
And my belly full.

I like finding notes I don’t ever remember writing.


One thought on “The lost and found

  1. I don’t drink anymore but I used to write some crazy poetry when I did! I’ll have to try and find some to put on the blog. Was the confusing handwriting your own? In which case, the above comment is appropriate, or… was it someone else that left it by the bed that you have no recollection of? In which case, awesome night out hohowhat! Keep smiling and keep writing, baldy 🙂

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