a Wonderful morning at the W. house

I was put up for the night. Nice big house, great king size bed, lovely people. It felt great after a struggling week.
In the morning the house was empty. Only the fridge moan reminded me the house was habitated. Then the door bell went. I ran to the door to get the parcel which had been mentioned the day before. As i signed for the delivery, a terrible noise thundered behind me. The parcel in my hand, I turned to discover the door had slammed closed… As in locked closed… As in I was locked out in my bright pink flamingo socks and t-shirt, with no phone. First a wave of disbelief overwhelmed me, then anger, to end in utter panic. What the fuck do I do now, I yelled at myself. It was a typical Glaswegian day, raining, so I took off my socks (the good things you learn from watching Bear Grylls or other mental programs on television) and began to run round the house. I knew everything was closed but may as well try. So there I was, going round the house like a hysterical creature telling myself how stupid I was. Alas, no way to get into the house… Except from breaking a window but, first my hosts would not appreciate it, and second I would probably break my elbow first on the double glazing. My feet were cold, wet and began to ache on the gravel. Back at the front door, I wiped the blood and dirt with my dry socks when I noticed a little cupboard. Yes! What did I see ? No not a key but three lovely pairs of flowery wellie boot. I grabbed a pair to slip them onto my feet, I think they might have been two different sizes but this wasn’t the time to be fussy. I took the damned parcel and went to the neighbors. What do I say to not sound insane since I already look like a lost looney, I wondered. Just be natural, as I stood in a little t shirt, multicolored flowery wellie boots in December. I rang the door bell and a woman in her mid thirties opened up. A little boy in a bright red jumper was hidden behind her legs, peering out from time to time. I explained the entire situation and asked if, by chance, she had my host’s phone number. The woman looked through a big wooden box filled with papers and pulled out a little sheet. On it, were the phone numbers of my host’s parents/the grand parents. It was better than nothing and I knew they didn’t live too far. So I phoned the granddad’s mobile. It rang, rang, rang, rang, dear lord what am I going to do if… Hello? a voice said on the other end of the phone. Once again I embarrassingly describe the situation. He replied, he was on the train into town. I am fucked, was the immediate thought that came to mind. But, he said, go down the road and ask A. to give you the spare key. Hope was back in town ! I hang up, and the woman kindly lent my a big warm black fluffy coat to walk down the road. I followed the granddad’s instructions to get to his house, still the parcel in my hand. I got there without any trouble and found myself describing the situation a third time to A., as she giggle and sipped her tea. What a lovely woman, I was telling myself, the spare key tingling in her hand. I got back down the road and… Opened the front door, the warmth was so enjoyable. I sprayed the neighbor’s coat with perfum, I get quite sweaty when I worry, and grabbed a little christmas chocolate. I headed back to her house (without forgetting the keys) to thank her and her little boy.

What a morning, gets the blood flowing….

Obviously when people stop reading I decide to publish books.
When people will stop learning I might become a teacher.
When people refuse to listen I will be a preacher.


This is my new short story, it is about a girl called DORIS.
She is quite special in her own way….
She lives by herself in an isolated home on a busy street. She believes she will die in the very near futur.
But when ? and how ?

Check it out on the link below:
You can get the ebook for 0,99€ (or the hardback if you’re an original)




New illustrated book about a man/boy called Nathan who just can’t seem to find his place in the world.
Maybe it’s not always finding it but creating it yourself….



Check out more at
You can get the ebook for 0,99€ (or the hard/sofback if you’re an original)




The night brings enlightement is a selection of short poems illustrated by very nice photographies.
All (or most) the photos were taken in Glasgow, Scotland.


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