Bird’s eye

They fell asleep fully clothed


They walked all night in the dark’n rain
Until her shoes slipped off her feet.
He carried her all the way home on his back.

The door opened with a creak and a crack.
The smell of a kitchen when everyone is alseep
overwhelmed their damp bodies
With the scent of a cooked meal that has been enjoyed
And the last warmth from the boiled kettle.

As a guest in the house, she left the key on the edge of the table.
Very careful she had been since there was no spare.
She had spent her evening checking her front left trouser pocket, making sure it was still there.

They fell asleep fully clothed.
In a bed for one, both lay back to back.
Cold tea cups surround the crowded bed.
Spiders sneak down the wall,
Steal her dreams, take his shoes
And disappear into the morning light.

On the road again


Goodbye London


Ground floor flat

clocks 2



Low sky and high clouds
Time stops when we reach the moon


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