It is funny how all the cakes our grand mothers make are the best. They have the smell of our childhood. Those days when we couldn’t wait till the cake was cool. And even though right out of the oven, we longed for a piece.
The taste is specific to that time, that special place. Granny’s must be cherrished the way sweet cherries complete a perfect home made bakewell tart.


Xmas deer
Funky deers are groovy to make
Groovy deers are funky to eat.


Beers in Germany

The point of being in a foreign country is to try the local culture.
There is ONE rule to follow, every day, taste something new and different.
Beers in Germany is like kangaroos in Australia…



crips in the garden
Sea salt and cider vinegar crisps in the garden.
Cheese and onion on the tennis court.
Sweet chili & Red pepper at an open air concert.
Ludlow sausage & Mustard walking through the little streets.

sweetness to the S

For my brother

There is a game I play with my big brother.
We challenge each other on who makes the best and most original hot chocolate.
It is far from being nonsense, it actually requires lots of imagination. Every time you must come up with a presentation, a new secret ingredient.

Grolsch Kanon

Old time coffee



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